Digital Story Telling

Beverly posted a digital story on my forum about two brothers  who  both died on 9/11. It was narrated by their father, and definitely  articulated the compelling nature of digital storytelling, and demonstrated how an emotional component  can effect your ability to retain information in your long term memory.Although the context of the story was obviously not uplifting,it still brought home the relevance of emotion in relation to an students cognition, and how both negative and positive feelings add equally to a persons schemata.


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Case Studies,past Digital Projects

In my profession as a automotive mechanic,our  more advanced training  scenario’s at Lexus Canada almost exclusively revolve around case studies, so this concept is very familiar to me.I feel, like digital storytelling, that it can be applied to  almost any learning situation.[My brother is in med. school,and they use case studies all the time].  Case studies allow students to self direct their learning,encourage development of critical thinking and reasoning skills , and allows them to progress from conceptualization  stage to application. Case studies seem like a great way to assess a students ability to progress beyond dualistic  thinking, to more complex stages of intellectual,and ethical development,[transformative learning]. It is a learning tool that I will definitely  incorporate into my classroom.

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