Reflection On Past Students Digital Projects

After watching some  very interesting digital projects ,I picked three examples that I felt would be important to the course I  hope to teach one day. [Automotive instructor].

1. Field Trips:  This is  a great way to add  expectancy and value to what a student is learning. By seeing and talking to people that have been through the course,and succeeded in their profession, is a great motivator.The students can also get some real world hands on experience. This interaction  promotes active learning,  and can integrate cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains . It is also an opportunity for a person to critically assess their choice of profession. I have heard countless time  how people have entered a career after finishing school,and realized that it was nothing like they had expected.

2.Connecting Communities In Education: Learning communities are a very important part of an engaged classroom. When students feel comfortable and supported in their program,they are motivated.This promotes collaboration and innovation, for both teachers and students.Involving outside institutions,organizations,and industry provides group learning opportunities.This is very important in  an  automotive  program,where apprenticeships,practicums or internships provide valuable hand on experience. The students can work with a certified technician,and learn and interact together in a positive learning community.

3.Demonstration: In an automotive program, demonstration plays a major role in the teaching process.It is a strategy where the teacher shows the student exactly what to do.In order to maintain the students focus,you must explain the rational clearly,model the course material in a practical,efficient manner,and disperse or take breaks during the demo to allow for the application and practice of the required skill set. I have always found visual aids are an effective way to get your point across. Being able to touch something,rather than just seeing a picture or diagram,seems to add relevance to the project.Another benefit of the demonstration model is that it has a low probability of cultural issues,which is an important consideration in today’s diverse teaching environments


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