Growth Mindset

There was a interesting forum by Janice Nielsen on the topic of growth mindset.The chart showing the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mind set was excellent.Over the years at my job,I’ve run into both types,and wish I had the Janices posting to articulate my perspectives and feelings at the time.I like to think I practice a growth mind set,but must admit that I have personally engaged in a closed  mindset,[usually when I’m stressed ] and must work diligently to recognize when I’m doing this.Thanks again to Janice for making the differences so clear.

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Power of inroverts

I just finished watching the video,Power of introverts by Susan Cain.It resonated with me personally,as I am more of an introvert,and she  has a wonderful way of putting a spin on social ideas and perspectives in regards to how people interact.From education to work environments,being an extrovert is deemed necessary,even though,as she pointed out,there is no link between being gregarious and having good ideas.I look forward to writing my journal on this subject.

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Read an interesting forum by  Marni Bedrich,she introduced me to the  teaching and learning practice of heutogogy,or self determined learning.I found this concept very interesting,it seemed to resonate with me at a personal level.I will look forward to further discussion on Marni’s forum

The Gogies
by Marni Bedrich – Monday, 15 August 2016, 9:30 AM
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Greg’s Autobiography

Hi,my name is Greg Wedel,I was born and raised in Chilliwack B.C. After high school,I registered for the automotive pre-apprentice program at Fraser Valley College.Upon completing the course,I worked as an apprentice at Abbotsford Toyota,were I received my certification.Looking for a better opportunity,I moved to Vancouver,and began working for Richmond Toyota,were I remained for ten years.The manager was very open minded,and  allowed me to take extended leave,so I could travel the world.Later I transferred to Richmond Lexus,were I continue to be employed.I hope one day to be an automotive instructor at a college or technical institution.

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Expectancy-Value Theory

This theory has two components,”expectancy” is a persons confidence about the probability of completing an  assignment,or tasks successfully,”value” come down to how much  a person wants  to perform  an undertaking,and the  value he or she puts on its completion.I think it is an important aspect of motivation to let students see the “why” of what they are learning.[this is important for myself personally].Once they know the  “why“,then it will be easier  for the person to see  the value. As far as a students self efficacy,or anxiety towards a subject,hopefully providing a positive classroom learning community ,clear and realistic  goals,and prompt feedback,would all help.For myself,examples from  previous students  work,and a support system where questions can be answered with out feeling judged are imperative to increasing  my engagement and  belief in success.

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