Cognitive Science For Learning

After reading several articles on memory,intelligence ,and cognitive functionality,I’ve come to realize how important it is to create a positive  and diverse learning environment.Through the study of the three part Tribune brain model,scientist have shown that emotion and feelings play just as big a role in learning,and memory retention, as does a persons rational. Feeling good about learning means you want to learn,and usually retain more information because of this.With the Hemispherical brain model,we know that the two halves of the brain perform markedly different functions.By  understanding and catering to both sides of the brain,teaching  effectiveness is maximized .Notable  psychological theorists such as Cattell,(Fluid and Crystallized Intelligence Theory),and Howard Gardner,(seven types of intelligence),have illustrated the  importance of understanding  the wide spectrum of a students cognitive learning  capacity.With the help of these and other learning models,I hope to continue to grow as an educationally effective instructor.


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