Trends in adult education                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The above article has some very interesting ideas on “trends in adult education”,which I am just starting to realize through my participation in 3100.I feel that future education will be amalgamation of traditional classroom based learning,and the online format,including such new trends as collaboration (learning with and from others on line), MOOC s,etc. With the ability to humanize online learning, with smart phone/video at any time or place,being able to “Skype” etc. with instructors,is removing any disadvantages to online programs,when compared to classroom based learning.Also the personalized  or self directed approach,people having more control of of the type of learning they require to suit there needs,is an interesting development,especially for adults.There will be trial and error,but in the end,I feel very excited as an adult learner about the evolution of  education.

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