Characteristics of adult learners                                                                                                                                                                                    Adult learners are not over sized children,they quite often have a wealth of professional,and life experience.They are independent,usually have multiple social roles, are goal orientated,and time sensitive.Here are several examples of how I would structure my classroom to suit the needs of adult learners.                                                                             Try and get an idea of the student  background ,(maybe through an open class discussion),and relate there knowledge as much as possible  to the topics and projects being discussed.Encourage  them to take responsibility for class activities,and allow them to self direct there learning process as much as possible.                                                                            Provide an  outline of the course goals,and objectives early on .Clearly define why they are learning certain skills  and how it will benefit them .Hand out a course schedule,so that they can time manage ,and offer suggestions that will facilitate the successfully completion of there assignments . Let them know you are there to be a guide,setting time aside to interact with students as individuals and as a group.

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