Creating a positive learning environment for adults

A positive learning environment for adults starts with acknowledging the differences between pedagogy and andragogy.It is important to recognize adults have an abundance of  life experience,both professionally and personally.By treating the student as an equal,and with respect,the line of communication remain positive,open and  meaningful.As an instructor,my goal is to be more of an adviser/coach ,encouraging students to incorporate there present knowledge,and to blend it with the new material they are trying to assimilate.Critiquing  individuals one on one,in a private setting,establishing a clear ,understandable course outline,and encouraging two way communication and feed back all facilitate a positive learning environmental model.

Positive learning environments can be assembled with the right tools


Skype call with partner

As part of course 3100,,Foundations of Education,we are assigned a learning partner ,and at week 4, we are encouraged to communicate with each other through Skype.My contact is Mark Selkirk,a Welding instructor from Prince George. We discussed the trends in our corresponding professions.(I am a Mechanic).We talked about the interesting fact that more women are entering the welding trade.I indicated that the car industry is developing advanced technologies in electric and alternative fuel vehicles.In the future,my perception of teaching and training has changed from the traditional classroom setting ,to the  integration of concepts such as online training ,flipped classrooms,and self directed learning.As an instructor,I will function more as a couch and adviser,interacting and collaborating with students,encouraging them to take more responsibility for their education.


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Characteristics of adult learners                                                                                                                                                                                    Adult learners are not over sized children,they quite often have a wealth of professional,and life experience.They are independent,usually have multiple social roles, are goal orientated,and time sensitive.Here are several examples of how I would structure my classroom to suit the needs of adult learners.                                                                             Try and get an idea of the student  background ,(maybe through an open class discussion),and relate there knowledge as much as possible  to the topics and projects being discussed.Encourage  them to take responsibility for class activities,and allow them to self direct there learning process as much as possible.                                                                            Provide an  outline of the course goals,and objectives early on .Clearly define why they are learning certain skills  and how it will benefit them .Hand out a course schedule,so that they can time manage ,and offer suggestions that will facilitate the successfully completion of there assignments . Let them know you are there to be a guide,setting time aside to interact with students as individuals and as a group.

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Trends in adult education                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The above article has some very interesting ideas on “trends in adult education”,which I am just starting to realize through my participation in 3100.I feel that future education will be amalgamation of traditional classroom based learning,and the online format,including such new trends as collaboration (learning with and from others on line), MOOC s,etc. With the ability to humanize online learning, with smart phone/video at any time or place,being able to “Skype” etc. with instructors,is removing any disadvantages to online programs,when compared to classroom based learning.Also the personalized  or self directed approach,people having more control of of the type of learning they require to suit there needs,is an interesting development,especially for adults.There will be trial and error,but in the end,I feel very excited as an adult learner about the evolution of  education.

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Gregs Autobiography

Hi,my name is Greg Wedel,I was born and raised in Chilliwack B.C. After high school,I registered for the automotive pre-apprentice program at Fraser Valley College.Upon completing the course,I worked as an apprentice at Abbotsford Toyota,were I received my certification.Looking for a better opportunity,I moved to Vancouver,and began working for Richmond Toyota,were I remained for ten years.The manager was very open minded,and  allowed me to take extended leave,so I could travel the world.Later I transferred to Richmond Lexus,were I continue to be employed.I hope one day to be an automotive instructor at a college or technical institution.

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